Chicago, IL

Brandon Taylor, aka DJ Exec, knows how to read a crowd and deliver exactly the vibe they've been looking for. Born and raised in Chicago, Brandon is passionate about bringing quality DJ sets to the city he adores. As a graduate of the world renowned Scratch DJ Academy in Chicago, Brandon is ready to take on any gig the world throws at him. Brandon's technique is smooth and savvy - and his song selection is sure to please all ages at any event.
What are your five favorite songs on the C+A 80% List?
  • "P.Y.T." - Michael Jackson
  • "Summertime" - Jazzy Jeff & Fresh Prince
  • "Superstition" - Stevie Wonder
  • "Levels" - Avicii
  • "Suit & Tie" - Justin Timberlake & JAY-Z

What three genres of music have inspired you?
  • Hip Hop: As early as I can remember, hip-hop was something my older brother listened to. I would listen to it to try to fit in with him.
  • Chicago House: This is another style of music I grew up on - my parents would play it non-stop at home and in the car.
  • Pop: Popular music holds an importance to me because it makes me reminisce on my college years. It was the first genre I learned how to play when I DJed at house parties in college.