Chicago, IL

Janelle knows vibes. If you love mixing music genres, she's your DJ. Also known as DJ BLAKBRD, she has a deep love for soul, funk, hip-hop and world music. Her musical background includes rocking the mic as an emcee, hosting a soul music radio show and making mixtapes. Oh, and she's known to bust some dope dance moves behind the turntables! Janelle is a DJ with a unique style and supreme ability - she's sure to make your party unforgettable!
What are your five favorite songs on the C+A 80% List?
  • "Rock with You" - Michael Jackson
  • "Poison" - BBD
  • "Summertime" - Jazzy Jeff & Fresh Prince
  • "Treasure" - Bruno Mars
  • "Teach Me How to Dougie" - Cali Swag District

What three genres of music have inspired you?
  • Jazz: Because Miles Davis is the truth! But seriously, Jazz taught me about tones, improvisation and emotion in music.
  • Soul & Funk: I love old soul and nu-soul music. It's the foundation for everything we love today.
  • Hip Hop: What can I say? I'm a sucker for good Hip Hop. I wouldn't be a DJ if it wasn't for Hip Hop.