Maggie has been shredding on the bass since she was in high school. She has had the joy of performing in a variety of hard rock and metal groups throughout the Chicagoland area since then. While attending college, she worked as a DJ and station manager for the campus radio station, and interned at a local recording studio. She has recently joined Cage + Aquarium as an assistant and is excited to learn what it takes to rock a wedding as time progresses. With an innate sense of rhythm, and a cultivated taste in music - Maggie is ready to immerse herself in the world of DJing!
What are your five favorite songs on the C+A 80% List?
  • "Pump Up The Jam" - Technotronic
  • "Die Young" - Ke$ha
  • "Oops I Did It Again" - Britney Spears
  • "The Sign" - Ace of Base
  • "Poison" - Bel Biv DeVoe

What three genres of music have inspired you?
  • Metal: This was the first music I really got into, when my brother showed me Metallica when I was in first grade. I was blown away by it!
  • Pop Punk: I also grew up on pop punk because it's what was super popular in the early 2000s.
  • Late 90s Pop: My older sister was really into 90s pop music and would play it all the time growing up. It is something that definitely brings back memories of my younger years when I hear it.