Nick Varvantakis
From the day he was born, Nicolas Varvantakis has strived for success. The youngest of two sons, Nick was born and raised in the beautiful country of Greece. At the age of 17, Nick's dreams of becoming a DJ began to materialize - he was warmly welcomed to play for tourists at a nightclub near his hometown. Since then, every day has been a learning experience for Nick. He started DJing with vinyl records, then he began to experiment with CDs as well. In 2006, Nick's talent was noticed, and he was asked to travel to the islands of Mykonos and Santorini to perform. He was then approached in 2009 by a talent agency and asked to play in spots in Russia, and Berlin, Germany. He played everything from Underground Techno, House and Hip-Hop. In 2012, Nick was given the opportunity to move to the United States. He currently performs all over Chicago and hopes to continue sharing his love of music for years to come.
Clients include:
  • Proof Nightclub
  • Epic Lounge
  • Chasers
  • Enigma
  • Mercedes Club
  • EvilOlive
  • W Club
  • Venue Athens
  • Tempo
  • Space Paradise

"I cannot stress enough how great of a job Nick did at our wedding. He is truly talented at his craft and that comes through when he performs. He knew the perfect jams to play to make our guests go wild. I would recommend Nick to any of my friends in a heartbeat. Thanks so much for making our day so special!"