Cage and Aquarium is ready for some fun in the sun at our newest location -- San Diego, California! Blending an old school approach of turntable DJing with new school digital technology, Cage and Aquarium is bringing the heat to the Southern California event scene.

You’ve heard of mind-readers, but have you met a vibe-reader? Meet Michael Rodriguez - AKA DJ Mykol – Director of the new Cage + Aquarium branch in San Diego. Since 2005, he has been reading crowds as a DJ in Chicago and beyond. DJ Mykol specializes in weddings, but is fluent in corporate, retail and non-profit events.

From the moment Michael owned his first vinyl record, he was hooked! The sound, feel, and vibe of vinyl were the components that spoke to his soul and ultimately led him to where he is today. His well-rounded music tastes and gravitation towards interesting sounds are what draws people to DJ Mykol.

Michael started his journey with Cage + Aquarium in 2016. If you’ve ever worked with him, you’ve learned something. If you’ve ever met him, you are better for it.Michael has a smile that is contagious and he is always making goofy faces to brighten up the room. With his killer dance moves, attention to detail, and impressive music taste - it's impossible to have an empty dance floor. His desire to serve and bring soul to every set is what keeps clients wanting more. Michael has true love for his communities, a heart for the under-served, and a desire to stand up for the greatness of others. So much love in fact, that he’s decided to share it with San Diego, California.

DJ Mykol says it best, “For me it’s all about serving my client, expressing my creativity, and rocking the crowd. Watching people enjoy themselves dancing, nodding, or tapping to the tunes I’m spinning is the best compliment anyone could give me.”

We are so excited to open our doors to the San Diego community, we can't wait to party with you!


Let’s get weird! Wedding experts Tyler Huffman and Shelley Anderson discuss the unique and interesting ideas that adventurous couples showcase on their big day. Drawing from their fifteen years of experience, The Wedding Weirdos podcast talk about the good, the bad, and the ugly that occur with those “outside-the-box” wedding ideas. This husband and wife duo keep it real as they interview some of the top industry professionals. Sit down, tune in, and laugh your way through anecdotes, tips, and honest stories. Welcome to The Wedding Weirdos!

Listen to new episodes of The Wedding Weirdos every other Thursday wherever you catch your favorite podcasts, ITunes, Stitcher, Google Play, Spotify. Don’t forget to subscribe, rate, and leave a review.

  • Episode 1: Who Are You? | The "Introductory" Episode

In the first episode of The Wedding Weirdos, Tyler and Shelley discuss who they are, why they love weddings, what they’ve witnessed, and how this podcast can convince couples and industry pros to let their freak flag fly. Special guest: wedding planner, Jen Henderson, of A Fresh Event. She shares the story of her very own wedding mullet and her dream of planning a Space Jam-themed wedding.

  • Episode 2: There's A Tear In My Beer | The "Wedtoberfest" Episode

In episode two of The Wedding Weirdos, Tyler and Shelley discuss (completely sober, although not if you listen at half-speed) one of the best wedding expos out there - Wedtoberfest. This event invites couples to enjoy craft beer while chatting with prospective vendors for their wedding day. Wedtoberfest is a national craze and has shows in Chicago, Austin, Seattle, Denver, and Minneapolis. Special guest: Carlene Smith, of Naturally Yours Events - Founder of Wedtoberfest. Shelley breaks out the story where she saw a bride do a keg stand in her wedding dress.

The Cage and Aquarium gang at Wedtoberfest 2018 in Chicago...

The Cage + Aquarium team at Wedtoberfest 2018 in Chicago

  • Episode 3: We'll Make Great Pets | The "Animals" Episode

In the third episode of The Wedding Weirdos, Tyler and Shelley tackle the idea of pets (well, actually just animals in general) at a wedding. Tyler offends couples who release animals into habitats that are not their own, for aesthetics. Arielle and Sean share their crazy engagement and rad wedding ideas in our first ever interview with a bride and groom.

Which animals will show up on your wedding day?

The Indiewed wedding show turned 10 years old! We were so excited to celebrate the milestone event with lots of couples and other wedding vendors that attended and exhibited the 2019 event last weekend. We kept the 2nd floor of Ravenswood Event Center hopping with Cage and Aquarium’s DJ Mykol and DJ Bothsides performing sets throughout the day.

We love Indiewed’s alternative option to the traditional wedding expo. It’s a chance for couples looking for something a little bit different for their weddings to plan their big days. We also love exhibiting next to like-minded wedding industry professionals offering top-quality services with a unique approach. We can’t wait to hear what the next ten years will look like for the Indiewed show! Congratulations!

Photographs by Cage and Aquarium's Kristin Parra

Are you looking for a venue with the comforts of the suburbs but the convenience of Chicago? Look no further - Winnetka Community House in Winnetka, Illinois is a Northern Suburb right outside of Chicago. Make it easy on you and your guests with this location! It's rested on three beautiful, manicured acres and was originally built in 1911. It has tons of rustic charm but is open and versatile for any event or wedding!


Venue: Winnetka Community House

C&A Photographer: Kristin Parra


1803 W Byron #105
Chicago, IL 60613

Also serving the San Francisco Bay Area and San Diego


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