Introducing Love is Stronger - a campaign to celebrate innovation and love. 

We want to inspire our clients to go from “We HAVE to” to “We GET to” and embrace this moment in time.

Cage and Aquarium refuses to wait. On behalf of our couples and all of us who deserve to celebrate life’s memorable moments with all of the feels. We are ready to celebrate love in ways we never thought possible. 

There are so many couples grappling with how to move forward with a wedding. The unknowns at this moment seem insurmountable. There are no definitive guidelines telling us when or how it will be safe to gather groups of people in 10, 50, or more. Many of our couples that were planning to get married in 2020 have already postponed to 2021. They’re holding out for a better time when more friends and family are allowed to attend. When it’s safer to travel. When it is more likely that elders are able to come out of their shelter-in-place scenario. 

But what about today, at this very moment, if there was a safe way to celebrate a wedding or other milestone, would you seize it? Would you reset your path to one that looks quite a bit different from what we have always thought about weddings, but is still very special? At Cage and Aquarium we are working to provide solutions for couples to be able to celebrate during these uncertain times and still have the wedding of their dreams. Be There - A Virtual Wedding Experience - is a way for our clients to bring friends and family together, no matter what the circumstances. 

We are providing a specialized and one-of-a-kind fully virtual celebration at this moment before it’s safe to gather. When we’re able to gather groups of people, be it 10 or maybe all the way up to 50, this service will become a tool for couples to include their loved ones who must stay at home. We can provide live streaming and full event experience for your stay-at-home guests alongside the select guests that came to celebrate in person. With small gatherings on the horizon for the unforeseeable future, we want to help our clients move forward because love doesn’t stop. Love is stronger.

Reach out to us if you want to book Be There for your wedding. We are here for you!

We are also thrilled to partner with industry colleagues offering unique opportunities to bring Be There to couples planning their weddings during this unusual time. Stay tuned for upcoming features on some of our industry’s most innovative leaders. These exciting options are a true solution for couples and we can’t wait to share more!

Outdoor photo sessions are now permitted and we couldn't think of a better time to go out and explore! We are throwing it back to Laura and Johan's engagement session at Golden Gate Park and the Conservatory of Flowers in San Francisco for a little inspiration. If you could go find the most beautiful backdrop with your partner, where would you go? Let's get out of the house create some magical photos!

Juliana and Max are super stylish, trendy, and know what they want. In 2019, they chose to have a 25-person intimate elopement at Cindy's Rooftop in Chicago, IL. Little did we know they'd be setting the trend for the 2020 wedding season. So take notes from a couple who eloped before it was cool.

Max and Juliana coordinated a day that was perfectly tailored to them. They met the morning of their elopement at the coolest park in Chicago, so they could include their pup in wedding photos! They invited 25 of their closest family and friends. Does that number sound familiar? Well, it might be our new cap on guest count for weddings in 2020. We told you this would be relevant!

They chose Cindy's Rooftop as their elopement venue. Cindy's is an outdoor-indoor patio rooftop that overlooks Millennium Park and the streets of downtown. Their elopement ceremony was officiated by a best friend. Their guests surrounded them, many on video Facetime with distant relatives unable to make it. Does that ring a bell? It's the new normal.

They shared hand-written vows, exchanged rings, and sealed their marriage with a kiss. Attending guests shared stories, recited readings, speeches, and gave wholesome toasts. The bride and groom then made their way around to each phone screen to say hello and receive congratulations from guests who witnessed their ceremony from their homes miles and miles away.

Champagne was poured and candid group photos were taken. The guests took their seats for lunch while Juliana and Max soaked up the view from the rooftop, alone, together.

Juliana and Max sat at the head of the long wooden table. Cindy's created a dining menu of all their favorite foods: pasta, hot dogs, french fries, gourmet salads, etc. while also pairing it with their signature cocktails and favored wine.

There was absolutely no stress. They still got glammed up, and ate and drank their favorite foods. They still exchanged vows and rings. Their most important people attended their wedding, near or far. At the end of the day, Juliana and Max were married.

If applicable, we highly suggest eloping on your actual wedding date and saving the large party for later. You might be shocked to find out that an elopement was what you should have been planning all along. You have more time to spend with each guest, your new husband or wife, and that makes the day infinitely more emotional and special.

Technically a wedding is just the event to celebrate your marriage - sooo you could do that every year if you wanted! ;)

C&A Photographer: Hanna Walkowaik

Venue: Cindy's Rooftop

Bride's Dress: Needle & Thread

Groom's Suit: Suit Supply

Ring Designer: Pli Restrepo

With the recent onset of “shelter in place” around the country due to the COVID-19 outbreak, countless couples are postponing their weddings. In what was supposed to be a time of gathering and celebration of their love, they are faced with the harsh reality that the plans they made are inevitably changing. 

For the couples experiencing this, we can only begin to imagine the emotions and devastation they are going through. I am equating it to the “post-wedding blues” that so many people experience right after their wedding is over, only that sadness and feeling of emptiness must be magnified by a thousand or a million or more.

It’s truly heartbreaking to work in an industry that normally fills us up with joy and hope of everlasting love. This situation leaves a lot of us feeling helpless and with some fear and doubt about the future of weddings. 

After many years of being in business and helping couples plan their weddings, we know one thing - people are still going to want to get married. And they’re going to want to do it with the friends and family they care about most alongside them. 

We wanted to provide a scenario that, while maybe not the original vision, helps couples achieve their dreams in a small and a still very special way. So we said, “Let's Solobrate!” by being together while we’re apart.

Our idea: “Be There - A Virtual Wedding + Reception Experience.” This solution brings couples and their loved ones together...virtually. 

While we shelter in place, celebrations don’t have to cease altogether. We are able to offer our expertise knowing and understanding the key emotional moments of a wedding and support them from a technical standpoint to create a seamless and high-level virtual experience. 

Couples can include elements of their special occasion that speak to their story and individuality. Maybe that includes: 

  • Exchanging vows
  • Cutting the cake
  • Having a first dance
  • Special toasts from guests, or a cocktail hour leading into a dance reception. 

All emceed and DJed by Cage and Aquarium via a professional broadcast. 

Then when shelter in place is lifted, we will have this same option for couples to be able to broadcast their real time event to friends and family at home. 

In case we need to have smaller guest counts for the near future. 

In case there are elders that need to remain safe in their homes still. 

In case there are travel quarantines that prevent loved ones from coming into town. 

There are a lot of unknowns about the coming months, but we’re preparing to help couples get through this and still achieve a memorable celebration that honors the hope, joy and, most importantly, love that still resides in all of us.  

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