Humboldt Park was the perfect spot for Julie and Joe's early spring engagement session. The spot has always been a favorite for the two and they heavily considered it for their wedding location, but ended up elsewhere. They were thrilled to be able to use the spot for their engagement photos. We also headed to nearby Logan Square to incorporate some of the beautiful color along graffiti walls in the neighborhood. Here are a few of our favorite shots! We can't wait for their October wedding at Garfield Park Conservatory!

During the month of April our staff will be hosting music events at Jerry's (1938 W Division) every Thursday to showcase some great free music nights! The full schedule is…. Thursday, April 4 - Tighten Up! - An ode to funk and soul with DJs Tyler Huffman and Limbs 
There's something about this genre that is able to please just about anyone. C+A loves soul and participates in the "crate-diggers" tradition of gathering these gems on vinyl to spin for other soul-lovers. Whether it is rare grooves at dimly light bars, funk breaks for break dancers or classic Stax/Motown for retro party people, we're always pumped to play a soul night! Tighten Up! is a taste of the various settings funk and soul can enhance with its infectious grooves, raw swing and bursting talent.
 Thursday, April 11 - Guilty Pleasures - A mix of our favorite "cheese" (often from the 80s and 90s) with DJs Demchuk and Lecks Some favorites are best kept a secret when comparing tunes with other DJs and music heads. They don't need to know about how the Spice Girls or Haddaway have a special spot in your musical memories. Guilty Pleasures is our outlet to drop any "DJ pretense" that exists in the air and represent the favorites we'd rather not admit to! A celebration of cheese and a reminder that music is about fun and not judgment, we span guilty pleasures from the 80s, 90s, 00s and even that new viral YouTube dance. If you feel like re-living your high school talent show where you and your friends choreographed a dance to N'Sync, this is a good place to do that...Guilt free! Thursday, April 18 - 1UP - 80s jams popular and obscure selected by DJs Tyler Huffman and Bloodshot Scott 80s babies unite! Many of the C+A staff were born in this decade and we often reminisce of a time of Nintendo cartridges, Garbage Pail Kids, E.T. and New Kids on the Block. Fun and full of energy, 80s pop jams from Madonna to Michael Jackson are great ways to let go of your inhibitions and feel like a kid again. This was also the era of hair bands, disco and the emergence of electronic instruments into the world of music. 1UP covers it all with nods to the stars of that time while also showcasing lesser known new wave, rock and boogie. At this night, we specialize in making you say, "I totally forgot about this song! It's my jam!" Thursday, April 25 - '93 Til - Golden Era of hiphop with DJs ShAde and Limbs While Cage + Aquarium/C+A Publik enjoys music new and old, many members of the staff have a special soft spot for the "golden era" of hip hop as its influence began reaching the mainstream. Late 80s to 90s hits from De La Soul, Tribe Called Quest, Eric B and Rakim, BDP and more were the soundtracks to their lives and their vibe still resonates in music released today. '93 Til is a celebration of that vibe through music and video, showcasing artists from that time and new music born from their influence. Set at Jerry's in Wicker Park, '93 Til is celebration to chill or dance and enjoy the all 'round good feelings of the Golden Era.

On Saturday, March 23 we helped host a special live hip hop edition of '93 Til at Jerry's in Wicker Park with Off the Chain Productions. Featuring "Dres" from Blacksheep, it was an unforgettable night! The crowd also dug performances by AMS and the Innervisionists along with all vinyl sets from Cage and Aquarium's DJs Limbs and Shade. Good vibes, music and people all around! Here are a few of our favorite shots by Shelley Anderson. DJ ShAde - Live at 93Til All Vinyl Hiphop set by cageandaquarium

On Sunday, March 3 Soiree Events pulled together an amazing bridal show for Chicago bride and grooms to be! We were honored to join some of Chicago's most talented wedding professionals that included Fig Catering, Averyhouse and Smilebooth, Art of Imagination, SugarChic Designs, Truffle Truffle, Posh Corn, Stemline Creative, Jenny Yoo, Be U Brides, Poladora, Tablescapes, Jenny Taylor Boudoir Photography, Black Dog Gelato, FlyWheel and Bride's Run 5K. The event was hosted at the Floating World Gallery. Here is a snapshot of the afternoon, but a full gallery can be found on our Facebook page! Cage and Aquarium Photographers: Shelley Anderson and Katie Ricard  

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