Adam Peindl
Adam’s love for music can be traced back to playing “My Boyfriend’s Back” over and over on his Fisher Price record player. He loves playing music that gets people dancing and introducing them to songs they didn’t know that they were missing. He is constantly expanding and changing his musical tastes. Most recently, he attached a speaker to his bicycle - so if he can’t be spinning, at least he can jam while he rides.
Clients include:
  • Ravenswood Event Center
  • Greenhouse Loft
  • Firehouse Chicago
  • H&M
  • Room 1520
  • Ignite Glass Studio
  • Osteria Via Stato
  • Pazzo's at 311
  • Floating World Gallery
  • Carnivale

"Words cannot explain how happy we were with Adam. Everyone says that music makes or breaks a wedding and we truly believe that. He really did an AMAZING job!!! Our dance floor was packed the ENTIRE night and Adam did the best job reading the crowd and continued to play one great hit after another. All of our guests are still telling us what an amazing DJ we had and how much fun he made the reception."