Devin Archie
Devin caught the DJ bug at an early age. While most teenagers were working their first job to save up for a car, he was working to save up for turntables and a mixer. A few years after getting that first set of gear Devin was djing house parties and clubs in his college town of Lawrence, Kansas. Eventually he landed in Kansas City where he worked the DJ circuit for a number of years before relocating to Chicago to be a full time DJ in 2015. Over his 15 year career he’s played hundreds of nights and events to a wide range of crowds. This experience has given him an eclectic taste in music, and he’s comfortable playing in any setting. Devin tries to dig a little deeper with his music selection. He strives to find those songs that you love, but aren’t expecting to hear.
Clients include:
  • Hubbard Inn
  • Royal Palms Shuffleboard Club
  • H&M
  • Westfield Old Orchard
  • Chicago Flower & Garden Show
  • The University of Kansas
  • Victoria’s Secret

2015 Red Bull Thr3estyle 3rd Place Finisher (Kansas City Regional)