Jorge Castenada
Meet Jorge Castaneda, but you can call him “Koke”. His music adventures began at an early age. Koke grew up in a lively music household, watching his uncles rehearse for their band and eventually being asked to join in on occasion with the keyboard, drums or cowbell. He was also surrounded by different types of music, whether it was his mom listening to nortenas and cumbias or his sister with Backstreet Boys, N’Sync, or Selena. But it was the sound of Hip-Hop, played by his brother, that really grabbed his attention. In high school, as he discovered new hip hop records and new artists, he realized he wanted to pursue a career in music. Soon after he was introduced to DJing when he was gifted a controller for Christmas. He spent the next summer going to friends houses to mix and play records. Along the way he discovered all types music, from disco, house, funk, classic rock, alternative and all things that make your head nod. He desired to further himself as a DJ and went to the DJ Scratch Academy. There he received the skills to play records differently and the confidence to play anything from cumbias to country music. He prides himself on his diverse musical background and being able to play anything for the event at hand.
Clients include:
  • Subterranean
  • Harbees Liquors
  • One City Tap
  • Simones
  • Ez Inn
  • Twisted Cantina
  • Revolution Bar
  • Verizon Wireless

"I am a bartender at The Subterranean, located in Wicker Park, Chicago. I have heard many many DJs over the years and I’m gonna say that DJ Koke is a “Wow, Amazing!” guy. He has a crazy expansive repertoire. For a guy his age to have such an incredible catalog, and seemingly deep knowledge of it is really wild to me! He’s a natural. And he’s also a really friendly guy, which is delightful. He’s a great hire in my book."