Justin Ferranti
Justin, aka Select Inverse, is extremely well-versed in the realm of musicality. Justin possesses an uncanny penchant for reading crowds as well as mixing various genres of music into his sets. The result of this practical skill set is that when Select Inverse is spinning, there is rarely time for breaks on the dance floor. You can’t go wrong with Justin’s polished approach to the art and his top-notch turntable skills.
Clients include:
  • The Drake Hotel
  • The Allerton Hotel
  • Roka Akor Chicago
  • J.P Morgan Chase
  • Taste of Randolph
  • Firehouse Chicago
  • House of Blues
  • Evil Olive
  • The Mid

“Many of our guests mentioned how unique the sound and style of our cocktail hour was. They were surprised to find we had arranged not only an hour of vinyl, but an entire evening. The showmanship, seamless blend of tracks, and the ability to work guest requests into the playlist made for a fun and memorable evening.”