Virtual party ideas

  • How to host a fun virtual holiday party

    Virtual events might feel like a consolation prize in this unusual year where it’s difficult to gather safely with those that we love. But if you’ve attended a well-produced online event, you know that they can be really fun. And it almost feels like you’re “there” with the other guests. 

    The holidays are coming up and many people who typically host a gathering with family, friends, or colleagues might be grappling with how to take it online. Virtual events are new and the technology can be daunting, to say the least. And let’s face it, we’re all having a bit of screen fatigue. But after hosting dozens of events online, we can say that it’s always worth it to muster through those challenges because, in the end, you’ll feel reconnected with the people you are missing. The vibe may be a little different, but it’s still a warm and fuzzy feeling when you leave a fun virtual event.

    Keep it interactive. 

    Whether it’s an activity that everyone can easily do together or a game that can be played online, having structure at your online event can keep things interesting. We recommend starting the event off by picking a cocktail (or mocktail) for everyone to make together. If someone in your group is an expert, have them lead the group in the cocktail making. Be sure to send out an ingredient list in advance to ensure people have enough time to gather them and participate. If the cocktail is made from things people may already have on hand at home - or ingredients that can be easily substituted - even better.

    Move on to a group activity or an online game once everyone has created their cocktail. What does your crew normally do in person that might be able to be recreated virtually? Think about games or activities that get everyone involved or can include spectators. Jackbox games are a fun option for lots of ages (be sure to look for the family-friendly version if you have children tagging along). 

    Virtual events can be as short as one hour or as many as three hours depending on how much fun your guests are having! If you have a larger group of people or people that do not know each other as well, break the larger group up into smaller groups to allow for mixing and mingling. You can assign these randomly, or if all guests have recently updated their Zoom application they can choose their own room. 

    Finally, if you're still feeling overwhelmed we are offering a party package to help. After months of hosting and perfecting our clients’ virtual events, we’ve cracked the code for what’s fun (and we left out what’s not). We created an option for you to take the best of the best with our Be There Holiday Hang. You will create your own adventure as you host your virtual holiday party with our platform. This is perfect for families, friends, colleagues, and basically anyone you want to celebrate with right now.Your party includes:

    • games
    • contests + activities
    • virtual photo booth
    • custom DJ mix
    • and more!

    Who knows, maybe you’ll have so much fun, you’ll be choosing this online format again in the future even after things improve from the pandemic. Good luck planning and let us know if we can help!

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