Zoom Wedding

  • Bay Area Elopement and Live-Streamed Wedding | David and Davlin

    David and Devlin recently married with a safe and socially distanced wedding and we were thrilled to celebrate with them! They had a small, intimate luncheon wedding at the Leland Tea Garden in Burlingame, CA. We offered them photography for their elopement and live-streamed the wedding so they could include their East Coast friends and family! A handful of friends joined in-person while their online guests tuned from afar and watched the live broadcast of the couple reciting their vows here in the Bay Area. They’ll be reliving the moment next year in a larger celebration, but it was wonderful to help them move forward with something small this year, though! Everyone is making adjustments during the pandemic and couples are still moving forward with safe weddings. It feels great to be a part of them! 

    C+A Photographer: Shelley Anderson

    C+A Live Stream Technician: Ersson Bartle

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